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About AraNix
AraNix is a Dubai based IT services company offering a wide range of IT solutions including Managed IT Services, Outsourced IT, Cloud Computing, Offsite Backup, Domain Management, Web & Email Hosting, Security Services, Mobile Device Management and other IT professional services. Established in 2010, AraNix has built a team of highly motivated, and certified engineers who operate with a high sense of integrity and ownership.AraNix focuses on serving small and medium size companies from sectors like finance, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing and others. AraNix works closely with its clients to fully understand their needs and become a true reliable partner.
AraNix exists to provide honest, responsive, reliable and knowledgeable IT services to small and medium sized companies to ensure their business continuity, improve productivity and market competitiveness. We value our relationship with our clients and strive to always care about what benefits their business the most.
AraNix aims to be the most efficient, reliable and trustworthy Managed IT Service Provider in the GCC region.

Our Core Values

As engineers, we know the shortest path between two points is a straight line.
Customer Centric
Start with the customer and work backwards. Work vigorously to earn and keep customer trust.
Take Ownership
Take responsibility of the challenge handed to us and treat it as if it is our own because we believe it is.
Result Oriented
Focus on the deliverables rather than how to get there.
We always aim to maximize the utilization of resources.
We strive to maintain the highest standards possible in delivering our work.